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Friday, February 17, 2006

Lollapalooza 2006


After a successful show last year, Lollapalooza will return to the windy city on August 4 – 6. An extra day was added for more rock, can you take it?

To my surprise, last year’s show was great. Sure it had its share of crap bands and boring music, but to see the Pixies play with the Chicago Skyline in the background was pretty cool.

Rumors are going around as to who will be playing this year. Some of the names to reach the internet as a possibility have been the Smashing Pumpkins and Wilco.

For these festivals there is always a new big band, an up and coming band and a band that is reuniting or has recently reunited.

Let’s start our own rumors or say our own prayers. Who would you like to see play grant park this August?

Here are a few of the bands that I would like to see.

The Strokes
Polyphonic Spree
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
The Raveonettes
Broken Social Scene
Bloc Party
Richard Ashcroft
Kings of Leon

and for the reunited: Masters of the Hemisphere, the Smiths & Jane's Addiction (w/ Eric A.)


mv said...

The Shins.
The Flaming Lips.
The Doves.
Men at Work.

jeff said...

I was going to put one or two bands in here, but it would be too hard to top mv's list. Men at Work -- the headliners? Book it!

mv said...

You're goddamn right you can't top men at work. can you imagine twilight, Chicago skyline and the haunting saxophone melody that opens "Who Can It Be Now?"? Fuck me, I'd die right there.

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