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Monday, October 31, 2005

New links for your amusement and some pictures too

I don't have anything to say that isn't related to the White Sox winning the World Series, so I will post this episode with some new links and then I will follow up with some pictures from my super sweet birthday party that Mayor Richard Daley threw for me. It was super sweet.

The Onion's Definitive Halloween Mix

Juice Box, the new single by the Strokes

If you are having trouble sleeping, you should try these simple steps

The Tenth Issue-Versary, IN COLOR

The origin of the Asian Bird Flu

Put your facial hair knowledge to the test

Here are some photos that I took this past Friday at the White Sox Celebratory Parade and Rally. Congratulations to my favorite team for making me and many other people I know very happy. Thank you.

Neal Cotts and Mark Buehrle leaving Comiskey to start the parade

Konerko, Ozzie and the Big Hurt saying Hello

I think she lives in Hegewisch

Waiting for the "L"

This was the banner that was draped behind the stage

The Big Hurt finally gets to hold the Commissioner's Trophy

Ozzie giving thanks to the crowd

Thanks for the cool desktop Jeff

Friday, October 21, 2005


In an effort to build up more enthusiasm for my beloved white sox, I have put together a CD of some songs that are played at the ballpark.

Thanks to everyone who helped out, especially the graphics department for his fantastic artwork.

If anyone would like a copy of the disc, let me know. And yes, they do play that much AC/DC at Comiskey.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Doesn’t that just roll off the tongue? Yesterday was just a great night for the city of Chicago. Regardless of where your allegiance lies in this great divided city, you had to feel some satisfaction last night. Me, I was speechless, which says a lot if you know me. In fact, I am still speechless, so this is going to be a very brief post.

4 more wins and the White Sox will have their first World Championship since 1917.

Let’s Go Go Go White Sox, Chicago’s proud of you!

Also, if anyone has any extra tickets for the World Series, let me know. I think I could put them to good use.

White Sox, White Sox, Go Go White Sox!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

This year’s White Sox / Cubs bets

Every year a friend of mine and I get together and make up several White Sox / Cubs bets. There are 5 bets and each one has it’s own individual prize and whoever wins 3 of the 5 bets gets an even bigger reward at the end of the year.

This is how our bets broke down this year.

1. Overall Wins – Winner gets tickets to an Illinois Basketball Game.
White Sox – 99
Cubs – 79

2. Wins by Pitchers – Winner gets a free round of golf
Buehrle and Garcia – 30
Maddox and Zambrano – 27

3. 2nd Basemen, Triple Crown stats (average, home runs & rbi’s) – Winner gets tickets to either a Hawks or Bulls game.
Iguchi - .278 15 71
Walker - .305 12 40

4. Centerfield, Triple Crown stats (average, home runs & rbi’s) – Winner gets beer and chicken wings.
Rowand - .270 13 69
Patterson - .215 13 34

5. Infielders (minus 2nd basemen) Triple Crown stats – Winner gets a fitted baseball cap
Cubs (Lee, Garciaparra, Ramirez & Barrett) - .305 102 290
Sox (Konerko, Uribe, Crede & Pierzynski) - .262 96 289

After losing last year’s bets, I have found the winner’s circle this year by taking 4 out of the 5. Now I get to pick the ultimate prize, what name to have my friend put on the back of his jersey when we attend next year’s Sox/Cubs games.

As a die-hard Cubs fan, he must wear a White Sox jersey with the name that I choose to a game at Wrigley Field next summer. Does anybody have any good ideas on what should be on the back of the jersey?

Also, congratulations to the Chicago White Sox for putting down the defending world champion Boston Red Sox in three straight games to eliminate them from the playoffs. This couldn’t have happened to a better team and by that I mean the White Sox winning and the Red Sox losing.

Take that Johnny Damon, you dirty Hippie.

Let's Go Go Go White Sox!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Were you born in America Mr. Valadez?

Yes I was, you Mountie fuck!

Is there a place in the country worse than Detroit? Well as far as major cities go, I don’t think so. Detroit is so bad; I ended up in Canada twice this past week.

I went up there to go root on my beloved White Sox and since I was there I figured I would give the city of Motown a chance. Let me just say that, there is absolutely nothing to do in the city of Detroit. Nothing at all. The place is dead in the afternoon, in the morning and then the freaks come out at night.

Let me just say, you have never been offered to buy crack properly unless you have been offered to buy crack in Detroit. The best part is when you turn the rocks down; the crack heads will then offer you some Popeye’s chicken. It is a really weird place.

Anyway, Detroit is a pretty dull place, so I found myself heading on over to the other side of the border to visit the great city of Windsor. This place has a lot to offer. Strip clubs, bars, cool coffee shops and just pure insanity on the streets. I am not talking the kind of insanity that one might be committed for, but instead I am talking about the random acts of craziness, but before we get to Windsor, let’s get to the border guards.

Crossing over the border is a lot different going to Canada than it is from going over from Illinois to Indiana. The first time we went to Canada the border guard was a pissed off mall cop. This guy examines the id’s and looks at us and asks us what are purpose in Canada is. Well, I guess we should have had a better answer than, “I don’t know, hang out?” He then goes into a 10 min Q & A, ranging from whether or not I was born in America to how much money I had in my wallet. Overall, it was fairly painless, but some of the questions you get asked kind of make you think “are you serious,” but in this day and age, I guess you can never be too safe.

Another thing learned, when a border guard asks you what your purpose in the country is, don’t tell him or her “Oh I don’t know, to bang your mom,” it doesn’t go over very well.

As we made it across to Windsor, many random things started to happen. We see a 50-year-old man jogging with no shirt on but with both of his nipples pierced. Strange right? After that we go to the strip in Windsor and find a TV crew on the side of the street interviewing random people about this new reporter who is joining their staff. This simple task turns into something special when they enter into the “Shawarma Palace” to interview the owner. They make this guy, who was ridiculously nice by the way, say that he knows who this new reporter is and scream at his photo in Arabic. They do this for at least 6 takes and it gets better every time.

The last shot was of him, screaming at this photo, throwing the picture to the ground and says “No Shawarma for you” He then begins to walk out of the restaurant and the camera pans at him leaving of comes across my face, I just shake my head and say “OK, are you ready?”

So I guess if you live in Windsor, you may have seen me on TV, if not, take it from me, it was pretty humorous.

Other than that, the trip was just filled with traffic and more crack heads. I did win a free dinner from Popeye’s chicken, but I left that in the hotel as a tip.

Detroit What!

Oh yeah and the Sox won 2 of 4 games to win the A.L. Central Division. Now bring on those clowns from Bean Town.

Fuck Boston too!