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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Since this is supposed to be about baseball too, I guess I should post something about my White Sox recent fall to mediocrity.

As of today, the team is on their longest losing streak of the year, 5 games. Over the last 35 games they are 17-18. Is this reason to panic? Is this reason to fall down and realize that the city of is just doomed when it comes to baseball? I hope not, but it is making me come back to reality.

This entire season so far has been great. The ballpark is selling out 2-3 times a week and promotions such as “Mullet Night” have Whitesnake fans excited again, but all of this will go for nothing unless they get things together and make some moves.

A couple of key players have cleared waivers and are hopefully “available” for the right price. Eddie Guardado of the Seattle Mariners and Ken Griffey Jr. could be huge if the team could pick either one of them. The likelihood of them grabbing both are about as likely as Axl Rose getting back together with Slash and playing Mr. Brownstone in my backyard tonight. So, yeah, it is really unlikely. If I had to choose out of the two, which would have a greater impact on the team, I would have to say Jr.

A quality left handed bat that can hit homeruns and drive in runs, yeah that could help. The fact is that guys like Everett are just not that good and you can see Crazy Carl falling back to his old self again. Although, the guy does find a way to get clutch hits. I seriously have not seen somebody get as many clutch hits as he does but only hit .240 on the season, it is kind of amazing.

The pitching has been pretty good still, but it is a long season and after that last start, it sounds and looks like Garland might be coming back to Earth. Buehrle will be Buehrle and that is always a good thing. The Cigar Twins (Contreras & Hernandez) are actually pitching very well as of late, but still have that one inning that gets them both. The bullpen is quality. Everyone has their problems, but on a whole they have been great, one of the most reliable in the game.

Anyway, Sox fans, here me out, don’t jump just yet. If you find yourself feeling blue, just follow these simple steps and you will find yourselves in bliss once again.

1) Don’t pay attention to the team on the northside. As a Sox fan, their problems are not yours, so stop giving them the attention they are trying to take from you. Let them make their fight for the wild card, but as a Sox fan, pay attention to the Indians, Twins, Yankees, Red Sox, A’s & Angels. Those are the teams you are going to have to worry about.

2) Despite their recent problems, they still have the best record in baseball. They have still beat some quality teams and are still on pace for the best record in franchise history. It could be worse, they could be called the Royals

3) Something is going to happen in the next week. Either they will acquire Griffey Jr. or they will get Eddie Guardado. Either player will help them out and both have playoff experience.

4) Sox Park/Comiskey go there. It is a great place to see a game. There is a lot of baseball left to play and there are some good matchups coming to town in the next few weeks. Detroit, Yankees, Angels, Twins, yeah, there is still some good baseball left to be played, so get to the ballpark and head on over to Jimbo’s before or after the game. If you get shit on by a bird, he will give you a free beer.

5) They play Metallica and AC/DC at the ballpark. Do I have to explain this one?

6) The Sox Pride Crew. Yep. That’s it!


Leslie said...

Mullet night? Did they really have a mullet night, or is this J.P.-snide for every-night-is-mullet-night?

Wow ... if I really went to games, this post would totally make me, you know, go to games.

And that's about all I can say about baseball. I think it's Cameron's turn to post.

Anonymous said...

Cameron's post....

"gimme some titty!"

Leslie said...

That Cam ... he is one articulate dude!

JP said...

Who is Cameron? I like his style. Wait, no I don't, that is just straight nasty.

Anonymous said...

You guys are so sick. I hope the Sox Pride Crew gets run over by that stupid fucking truck they drive out.

When are they having a Page Girl night?