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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


As most of you know, I really enjoy making compilation CD’s. Whether they are for me, a loved one or for somebody I just met, I really think it is a lot of fun to put them together.

The one that I am thinking about tackling today or sometime soon needs participation from everyone.

I am sure most of you know the power of the clap track. If not, it is something that you really should try and find, because nothing can make a great pop song like a good clap track. You can take all the La’s, Dee’s, Doo’s and Da’s you want, but without a clap track, you are just selling yourself a little bit short.

Anyway, the new compilation I am putting together is tentatively called “Clap Tracks for Jesus.” A collection of great clap tracks.

This is what I have so far:
- Rock the Casbah – The Clash
- No New Tale to Tell – Love & Rockets
- Diamonds in the Dark – The High Dials
- Disconnect the Dots – Of Montreal
- Let’s Go – The Cars
- Seems So – The Apples in Stereo
- I Want to Hold Your Hand – The Beatles
- 12:51 – The Strokes
- (Drawing) Rings Around the World – Super Furry Animals

Yeah, I know, this is all over the place, but this is all off the top of my head and it is also where you come in. Either e-mail me or post a comment with a list of songs with great clap tracks.

Maybe your song will make the CD and be sent to the heavens for all to clap to.


Erin W said...

Is it a clap or more of a stomp? How about one of the ultimates -- "We Will Rock You" by Queen. Always gets me clapping. And Jesus does sort of rock.

Papa V said...

Ya know way back in the day, I said to Jon that every song with a clap track rocks. For the life of me I can't think of one right now.

Friendz-4-Ever said...

You KNOW you gotta include the theme song from Friends. I mean, every season they had to find another clip to use in the intro during the clap track. I always found it a real nail-biter, waiting to see WHAT THEY WOULD DO WITH THE CLAP TRACK CLIP THIS SEASON! Would someone bang the phone on the counter? Pound chalkboard erasers? Shake a baby? (Oops ... sorry, Cam. I mean KISS a baby.)

It's just, like, so timeless. I'll be THERE for you, man!

Friendz-4-ever said...

... you know, when the rain starts to FALL.

Leslie said...

Jack and Diane!

JP said...

Although stomp tracks are appreciated, this is aimed at the hand on hand sound of a clap.

Shaking babies also do not count.

I also have no friends-4-ever. I do however hope to one day have a BFF.

papa v said...

Which friend 4-eva wants to shake my baby Cam? Doesn't sound like much of a friend to me. I do believe that Cam would sleep through the entire process. Still, I find it best NOT TO FUCK WITH THE LITTLE MAN.

Anonymous said...

I Love John, She Loves Paul - Beulah


JP said...

The Beulah question is solved. I had several different songs in mind because they seem to have about 3 to 4 good clap tracks on each album, but I have always had a fondness for that track. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

I think maybe the answer is because you are a narcissist.


mv said...

Def Leppard's "Rock of Ages" has a clap track.. and a cow bell!

JP said...

Kings of Leon - King of the Rodeo

Anonymous said...

Libertines - Vertigo