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Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Long Overdue Covers Album

As some of you already know, I have been trying to put together a covers album with some good cover songs by some good bands. Some might say, “JP, what would you consider good?” My response to that would be, Your Mom! Damn, take that.

Nah, I am looking for bands that you would say you like and that you wouldn’t be ashamed to introduce to your mom.

When I originally started putting this together, I had three rules. 1) No Beatles (why, because everyone has done a Beatles cover at some time in their career), 2) No live covers, they must be studio tracks and 3) No band that is being covered could be used more than once on the album.

Well, since this limited things and would have prevented me from putting some really good songs on the album, I have decided to scrap rules number 1 and 3. The no live covers rule is still solid and will not be changed for anyone. Not even you. You know who you are.

Here are some songs that I have, let me know if you have any others that you might like to submit.

Flaming Lips – Bohemian Rhapsody
Oasis – Come on Feel the Noise
Cardigans – Iron Man
Elbow – Independent Woman
Blur – Maggie May
The Cure – Hello I Love You
Catherine Wheel – Wish You Were Here
Pixies – Head On
David Bowie – Cactus

Anyway, you get the idea. These are just a few. Let me know what you think and if you have any other ideas.


mv said...

Hang on to your ego by Frank Black
It's a Brian Wilson song.

Jeff said...

Crooked Fingers – When You Were Mine (Prince)
Weezer – Velouria (Pixies)
Dinosaur Jr. – Show Me the Way (Peter Frampton) or Just Like Heaven (The Cure)
David Lee Roth - California Girls (Beach Boys)
The Clash – I Fought the Law (Sonny Curtis of The Crickets)

I have these if you want to use any of them. I'm sorry, but David Lee Roth is only on tape though.

Leslie said...

"Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps;" Cake covering Doris Day!