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Monday, September 05, 2005

Mullet Night is real!

Here are some photos from Mullet Night at the Sox game this past Friday.

This was the band playing out in front of the park before the game. As I was walking to the park, I heard them play "Everybody's Working for the Weekend" by the great Canadian group Loverboy. From the distance, I wasn't sure if it was a cover band or if it was actually Loverboy. As I got closer, I still was not sure.

We only have Coors and Tequiza.

Just accept it, because I don't know why he's there either.

Hey, it's the march of the mullet parade!

It's a bat boy for the Detroit Tigers, trust me, it makes sense

After the season is over, he rocks out 3 nights a week at a local chicken wing shack.

Can you feel the rhythm of the night?

I don't know why, but this one kind of works.

He just needs to find Morris Day and get the Time back together

I guess mullets were in the bible.



Leslie said...

I think you should need to be mullet-guy for Halloween. Got any acid-washed jeans?

JP said...

Yes, I mean no!

mv said...

next year, I plan on going as the lead singer from Def Leppard.

lisaharolds6821 said...
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