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Friday, February 06, 2009

Dio, Man, Myth and Metal God

Sometime ago, a friend of mine proposed a rather interesting question to me. The question was one for the ages and of great thought. Only a select few would dare try to handle the question’s style, but since it has been some time, I believe it is time to propose that question to the rest of the world.

“Which Dio video do you think rocks the hardest?”

That is the kind of question that could melt one’s face or freak their mind. Despite the danger, it is a question we must ask and have the balls to answer. So people, which Dio video do you think rocks the hardest?

Rainbow in the Dark

Rock N’ Roll Children

Last In Line

Holy Diver

Despite the awesomeness of the first three videos, Holy Diver is the answer for me. From the tough guitar riffs to the Dio with a Sword singing “ride the tiger!” nothing matches this video’s fierce ways.

Rock on Dio, Rock on!

Anyway, please discuss your answers. Not sure if you can give a wrong one.


Big Sexy, the Giant Killer said...

Food for thought. I think most of us would agree that Last in Line is more epic in scope and message. I mean, the kids are chained to video games. And RJD appears to be more omnipotent in this video.

HOWEVER. Nothing, in my mind, rocks harder than Dio stalking through a burned out castle wielding a broadsword. If that doesn't rock I will kiss your ass.

Glenn Danzig said...

RJD rocks my balls off in "Holy Diver." As Big Sexy noted, if Dio stomping around the burned out castle doesn't rock, then i don't want to rock.

mv said...

I am gonna go with rock n roll children. It doesn't rock as hard, but the video is fuckin' brilliant. You got a cute chick, child abuse, Dio and a crystal ball. Fuckin' tops.