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Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday's Top 5 - Storytellers

Well, I know, I have been slacking here with the top 5 lists, but this one is not only difficult, but also very good.

Since everyone is famous in his or her own eyes, there is a possibility of your life story being publicized. If you were going to have someone write your life story who would it be?

I bring you, this week’s top 5.

Top 5 authors you would want to write your biography.

Here are mine.

1. Nick Hornby
2. Nelson Algren
3. David Eggers
4. David Sedaris
5. Steve Martin

Share yours in the comments section.


Brian Curtin said...

Since Nelson Algren has shuffled off this mortal coil, I assume deceased writers are game. Here are my top 5 in no particular order

Stephen E. Ambrose

David Halberstam

Richard Lawson
(His TV recaps on Gawker are friggin' hilarious. He'd be able to make ups some interesting story about my boring life.)

Doris Kearns Goodwin

and last but not least

Isaac Asimov (because I know he likes writing about stars, heyyyyyyyyy-O!!!!1)

Mike said...

1. Raymond Chandler (I always thought I should have been a Private Investigator)
2. David Mamet (the dialog would be a lot more interesting)
3. Steve Martin (God damn it I wish I'd thought of that first)
4) Herman Wouk (it'd be a sweeping epic)
5. St. Matthew

bsl said...

David Foster Wallace
Zadie Smith
Jane Austen
Sarah Vowell
Shakespeare (I can see it being adapted into a Broadway hit. Maybe a musical?)

bsl said...

I want to take out Zadie Smith, and sub in Christopher Moore. If anyone can make my life story readable, it is him.

Leaves of Glass said...

1. Graham Greene - for the religious angst
2. Aimee Bender (this is a risky one - I might turn out to be a one-legged princess whore who runs away to live with an aging professor while the circus people she left behind stay hot on her heels).
3. Raymond Chandler for me too, please. Detective or not, he's a swoony writer.
4. Louise Erdrich - no one spins a magical yarn out of laughably flawed people like she does.
5. Kevin Huizenga - my favorite graphic novelist and an all-around genius.