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Friday, July 24, 2009

Top 5 most underappreciated Bands of all-time

Now everyone knows the stones, the beatles, the beach boys and U2, but what about those bands that should have been huge, but never really caught on? Now I know this is going to vary from person to person, but that is the whole point of these, but what are yours? What bands do you think should have been bigger, but just didn’t get the respect they deserved?

Well, here are mine and these could either bands that no longer exist or current one.
1. Ned’s Atomic Dustbin (awful video)
2. Doves
3. Catherine Wheel
4. Olivia Tremor Control
5. Elf Power

Share your list in the comments section.


Gastripod said...

This is interesting, because I am trying to keep my biases out of it. I doubt I can, but here goes.

1. Catherine Wheel. I agree with JP here.
2. Swervedriver. These guys changed how I viewed rock in the 90s.
3. Crowded House. Yeah I know they're well received. But mostly by 30 something women who know Don't Dream its Over. That's bullshit. Go listen to Temple of Low Men. Fucking brilliant.
4. Grandaddy. Only loved by the indie set, these guys should have been bigger than they were.
5. The Who. Everyone talks about the Beatles, and Zeppelin. There would have been no britpop - no Oasis, no blur, etc without the Who. Think about it.

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