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Sunday, October 09, 2005

This year’s White Sox / Cubs bets

Every year a friend of mine and I get together and make up several White Sox / Cubs bets. There are 5 bets and each one has it’s own individual prize and whoever wins 3 of the 5 bets gets an even bigger reward at the end of the year.

This is how our bets broke down this year.

1. Overall Wins – Winner gets tickets to an Illinois Basketball Game.
White Sox – 99
Cubs – 79

2. Wins by Pitchers – Winner gets a free round of golf
Buehrle and Garcia – 30
Maddox and Zambrano – 27

3. 2nd Basemen, Triple Crown stats (average, home runs & rbi’s) – Winner gets tickets to either a Hawks or Bulls game.
Iguchi - .278 15 71
Walker - .305 12 40

4. Centerfield, Triple Crown stats (average, home runs & rbi’s) – Winner gets beer and chicken wings.
Rowand - .270 13 69
Patterson - .215 13 34

5. Infielders (minus 2nd basemen) Triple Crown stats – Winner gets a fitted baseball cap
Cubs (Lee, Garciaparra, Ramirez & Barrett) - .305 102 290
Sox (Konerko, Uribe, Crede & Pierzynski) - .262 96 289

After losing last year’s bets, I have found the winner’s circle this year by taking 4 out of the 5. Now I get to pick the ultimate prize, what name to have my friend put on the back of his jersey when we attend next year’s Sox/Cubs games.

As a die-hard Cubs fan, he must wear a White Sox jersey with the name that I choose to a game at Wrigley Field next summer. Does anybody have any good ideas on what should be on the back of the jersey?

Also, congratulations to the Chicago White Sox for putting down the defending world champion Boston Red Sox in three straight games to eliminate them from the playoffs. This couldn’t have happened to a better team and by that I mean the White Sox winning and the Red Sox losing.

Take that Johnny Damon, you dirty Hippie.

Let's Go Go Go White Sox!


Anonymous said...

Either Damaso Marte or Billy Koch for Timmy's jersey.

p.s. The only good photo is of Juan Uribe w/ the cloud of smoke.

JP said...

I was thinking Mariotti

Kristy said...

Mariotti would be MONEY. Good idea. You're very clever.

P.S. everyone knows you're not sick today.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa? is that you? Oh my it has been a very long time. Yes, I think your site is the coolest. Everyone loves free lap tops.

Everyone also loves free lap dances. But those are best in bunches.

kisses. hope to hear from you soon.

Kristy said...

Must be nice to never go to work. F work. and F MPC