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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

And The Winner is...


#1 The Clash – London Calling vs. #2 Bob Dylan – Like A Rolling Stone

Like the actual national championship game, this one was no contest. Having received more votes for this contest than any other in the tournament, the Clash walked away with the rock and roll trophy of the year, by putting Mr. Dylan down for good.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this tournament. It was just as much fun putting it together as it was to participate in the voting.

Now I think the best way to pay tribute to the winner and the late great Joe Strummer is by sharing some of my favorites of their catalog.

And to thank all for participating, I have cd’s of the sweet 16 for everyone.

Thanks again, JP

Also, keep checking back every now and again, because I have some other ideas for fun time killers.

The Guns of Brixton

Tommy Gun

Rudie Can’t Fail

White Riot

White Man (In Hammersmith Palais)


This is Radio Clash

Safe European Home

Police & Thieves


Jeff said...

Thanks Jon. Well done.

mv said...

The right song won. Awesome tournament. I say we do it again in the future.

Paul and Erin Weller said...

This was definitely a lot of fun. It must've been a lot of work for you. Let's do it again!