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Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Championship Game

and then there were just 2.

#1 Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song vs. #1 The Clash - London Calling

Joe vs. Robert and Mick vs. Jimmy. A tough and very even match, but in the end The Clash had more support.

Winner: The Clash

#2 Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone vs. #2 David Bowie - Space Oddity

The Folk legend met up with the Starman for a nail biter. After going back and forth, and I do mean this because almost every vote that came in for this one would be in favor of one and then the other. In fact someone tried to vote for both of them.
In the end, the protest song writer earned one more point than the labyrinth king.

Winner - Bob Dylan

and now, our Championship Game

#1 The Clash - London Calling


#2 Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone


Paul and Erin Weller said...

Is it even a contest? Joe Strummer rises from the grave to take on and defeat Bob Dylan. Winner: London Calling. I'm even wearing my Clash t-shirt in honor. Maybe I'll put Connor in his Clash onesie, too.

As I said, was there ever any doubt that, ultimately, all of us 30-something hipsters would vote for The Clash?

JP said...

30 something? Speak for yourself.

JP said...
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mv said...

Winner: The Clash. They give Dylan such a a beatdown in this matchup that they are accused of anti-semitism.

Mike said...

bob dylan. without question. he changed lives and shit.

Keith said...

The Clash-London Calling

Paul and Erin Weller said...

Ah, you'll be 30-something soon enough, young Valadez.

Jeff said...

Have to go with the Clash. Although, there are a few other Dylan songs that I think could have beaten London Calling.

Brian said...

The Clash will always beat Dylan in my book. Winner: London Calling.

bsl said...

The Clash - London Calling

And I may be 30 something, but I am not a hipster. Really.

Hos said...

Don't know if I'm too late, but here we go...

Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone pulls it out in a breathtaking finish