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Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday's Top 5 list - Action Movies

Every now and again, a couple friends of mine and I would put together top 5 lists to demonstrate what we thought would be the best 5 in our minds on a specific subject. So, to kick off that idea on this website, I bring to the world, the BMAOGS first Friday top 5 list.

Top 5 action movies. Now we are talking straight up action here. No comedy action films or sci-fi, just straight blowin' shit up action.

here are mine

1. Die Hard
2. Dark Knight
3. Predator
4. Leon: The Professional
5. Raiders of the Lost Ark

put yours in the comment section and feel free to explain if necessary.


Brian Curtin said...

My Top 5 Action Movies by Brian Curtin

5. Raw Deal

4. Next of Kin (with Patrick Swayze and Liam Neeson)

3. Striking Distance

2. Dark Knight

1. Commando

I wanted my list to only contain movies filmed in Chicago, but the awesomeness of Commando and my favorite move Striking Distance (which isn't really an action movie, but is classified as such in IMDb) was too blatant to deny entry to the list.

Aaron said...

I’m going to withhold my vote until this Christmas when “Die Hard 5: Die Harder Than a MOTHERfucker!” (co-starring Chris Tucker) hits theaters.

bsl said...

1. Bullit
2. The Italian Job (either the original or the remake)
3. Any one of the Bourne series (I can't pick just one)
4. Die Hard
5. The Fast and the Furious

I have a thing for fast cars and car chases. And if they blow something up too, even better.

Mike said...

This is tough because 'Raiders' would definitely top my list, but in an effort to shake things up, I'm gonna have to dig a little deeper.

I would also submit that, while 'Dark Knight' is respectable choice, it could also fall under Crime Drama, in the way 'Heat' isn't really an action movie, though there's action. Just throwing that out there.

1) Die Hard (also my favorite Christmas movie)
2) Lethal Weapon 2 (It's just been REVOKED!)
3) In the Line of Fire
4) Enter the Dragon
5) Bourne Identity (the first on, though all three are solid)

Honarable mention: Ronin because the car chase kicks fucking ass; Lone Wold McQuade bcause we need a Chuck Norris movie on there; and Escape from New York.

mv said...

In no particular order...
Rambo: First Blood Part II
The Rock
Black Hawk Down
Die Hard

John M said...

In no particular order:

Fight Club

Shoot 'Em Up

Rumble in the Bronx

Kill Bill Vol 1

Die Hard

(it's hard to draw the line with comedy-action)

JP said...

Fight club, that's a good one.

Matt said...

1. Predator - Maybe my favorite movie of all time, and I mean that in a non-cheesy way. I know that it's a movie full of oiled up steroid cases with some seriously bad lines, but it's still awesome. I never thought it got as much of a pat on the back as ALIEN but it should.

2. The Warriors - Also on my list of favorite movies all together. It's so strange, so violent, so unbelievable you just can't not like it. Let me put it another way, "It's a movie about a gang that has to fight it's way across new york city, but there's a catch. Each gang is insane and wears a clever outfit." Sign me up.

3. Red Dawn - When I was 10 I thought this was going to happen. Interesting side note, that film was LITERALLY produced by the NRA. Not a joke. Early 80's, NRA flush with cash, "Hey lets produce a movie where America gets invaded and the first thing they do is take the guns away. Just make the cubans a little better than the reds, there's a shit load of them in Florida."

4. The Rock - Stupid over-the-top summer movie, but it's rad. Some of it is a little hard to take, like the fact that there's a giant underground city under alcatraz with a tiny railroad and such.

5. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome - "NOT SHIT - ENERGY!"

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