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Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Road to the Final Four

Wow! This round received the most participation out of any round we have had so far. Some good matches here, but they will only lead to more difficult decisions in the next round.

Hacienda Bracket

#1 Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song vs. #2 The Beatles – A Day In The Life

A matchup of heavyweights that could only happen in a tournament like this one. McLennon vs. PlantPage If this were an actual fight, it would probably be on the level of Ali vs. Frasor, Lakers vs. Celtics or Manchester United vs. Chelsea. A true matchup of some of Rock n’ Rolls all time greatest square off here and in the end, there was just too much rock. Ringo got a hangnail and had to leave early and McCartney had some benefit show that he felt was more important. So after halftime, it was just John and George and despite their best effort they could not keep up with Viking Rock!

Winner: Led Zeppelin

CBGB Bracket

#1 The Clash – London Calling vs. #2 The Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop

This could have been a final four matchup if not a finals matchup, but due to some unfortunate breaks with the seeding, The Ramones could not handle Joe Strummer and his songwriting abilities.

Winner: The Clash

100 Club Bracket

#2 Bob Dylan – Like A Rolling Stone vs. #4 Black Sabbath – War Pigs

In a close matchup, beautiful songwriting ended up being a little too much for face melting rock and roll. Ozzy and Dylan traded shot for shot for much of this battle but in the end the movement that Dylan created with his song writing was just too much for sweet guitar riffs.

Winner: Bob Dylan

Whiskey-a-Go-Go Bracket

#1 The Who – My Generation vs. #2 David Bowie – Space Oddity

This was definitely the best matchup of the entire tournament. People were torn, rock was at a standstill and charts were to be broken with both of these songs, but in the end Mr. Stardust was just too much for Roger and co.

Winner: Bowie


mv said...

My bracket is busted.

Paul and Erin Weller said...

The fact that The Beatles and The Who are not in the final four is a travesty. People, what have you been listening to? Space Oddity is a great song and Bowie has done some amazing things, but look at his career vs. The Who? NO contest.

And as for Zeppelin? Yeah, they invented modern heavy metal, but they are SO overplayed. WE wouldn't be having this tourney if not for The Beatles. Gah! I give up.

Remember what I said about just forgoing any further voting and crowing London Calling the king? I stand by my earlier statement.